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Export and Innovation

Export & Innovation

Time to export? Dealing with Europe?

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The courses are being offered as part of the Higher Performing Workplaces (HPW) project which is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and managed by the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges. Eligible businesses (those operating in the Leeds City Region*) can receive 40% ESF funding towards the cost of any HPW training.

These programmes are designed to increase in-house skills and knowledge to access new domestic and international markets to drive export.

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Other courses are available under the following categories: Empowering Leaders, Innovative Working and Effective HR.

*the business must be based in one of the following districts: Bradford, Calderdale, Craven, Harrogate, Kirklees, Leeds, Selby, Wakefield or York.

In response to the UK Government’s national restrictions regarding the spread of COVID19, training delivery methods listed in the course information PDF are subject to change. Many courses are delivered online.


Brook Corporate Developments


Brook Corporate Developments

Online delivery: Course can be delivered online with sessions between 2-3 hours. Usual delivery is onsite, full day sessions.

Export Fundamentals and Understanding

Importing Fundamentals and Understanding

Lean Tools and Techniques

Understanding Financial Management Tools and Techniques

Courses available immediately

We enjoy helping businesses to develop, improve, grow and succeed.

We can offer a sounding board for new ideas, challenging the thoughts of organisations’ decision makers; helping to develop their staff and also making the services that we offer more accessible by helping them to get financial support towards the costs through funding partners such as the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges.

Our team of experts provide coaching, mentoring, skills training and advice implementation services. Brook has worked with, helped and improved company efficiencies with in excess of 1,000 organisations across the UK with a specific emphasis on the Leeds City Region.

Our 18 experts all have strong industrial and business experience. We can match individual business requirements in the context of workplace skills development to an individual who has knowledge and understanding of both the business nature and also the specialist skills to deliver this work.

Courses: Export Fundamentals and Understanding, Importing Fundamentals and Understanding, Lean Tools and Techniques, Understanding Financial Management Tools and Techniques



Harrogate Business Advisors


Harrogate Business Advisors

Online delivery: In phase 1 of the course Zoom will be used in two hour sessions over the internet. In phase 2, the trainer will (safely) spend a day onsite.

Course is available immediately

Harrogate Business Advisors Limited has worked with and trained SMEs in ways to increase their growth through export and innovation. The programmes are put together to maximise profit from existing markets and break into new markets.

Peter Dickinson, the Director who will be delivering the programme had 30 years in international business before starting Harrogate Business Advisors Limitedin 2005. All of that corporate experience was brought into play to help local small business owners to achieve their growth aspirations.

The focus over the past twelve years has been to deliver services to clients that help them improve their business with innovation and steering them to either consider export or to help them build an export channel.

Also available to deliver on this programme is Associate Jeff Long. Jeff has a background in Export Sales and has been providing small business owners advice and guidance since 2008.

Peter is a member of the Institute for Independent Business and a thought leader in the International Sales Management group, whilst Jeff is a Certified International Trade Advisor.

Knowing small businesses and their challenges, Peter understands the issues that will be faced during the first stage of this programme and the client’s subsequent implementation. The methodology behind the approach proposed here is to quickly get to the heart of the problem using diagnostic skills and then to quickly provide an innovative solution that tackles that problem.

Courses: High Performing Workplaces: Sales Training 1 – Evaluating the People, Sales Training 2 – Generating New Leads, Sales Training 3 – Winning New Clients, Sales Training 4 – Consolidate and Reinforce






Online delivery: The following courses will be delivered by Zoom and/or MS Teams:

Understanding and Introduction to Import and Export (including Import and export procedures post transition)

Course available from July

We have experience of developing and delivering bespoke programmes to SMEs throughout the Leeds City Region for 20 years.

We use a variety of learning methods and styles in our workshops that suit the client and their specific learning needs and outcomes. We use visual and graphical information and we help delegates to practically apply theories and models. We use written case studies, we have group discussions, we play relevant games, and we have fun and learn at the same time. We develop action plans so that learning can be applied and embedded in the workplace.

Our 16 associates are specialists in a variety of key areas so we can offer a broad scope of topics to clients. Our expertise is geared up to exceed client requirements. We regularly meet associates to see if their vision fits with Lattitude7 and to determine if any new skills have been acquired that we can offer clients to make a difference.

For our export training we’ll be using our associate Paul Walters who has worked in this field for over 40 years. His expertise has been recognised by organisations such as the Department for International Trade, FSB, Bradford University and local government where he has been called in as a trade expert.

Paul has worked at Manchester, Leeds/Bradford and Heathrow airports where he was involved in the logistics field in sea, air and road transport both in and outbound. Additionally, he has worked in the manufacturing field for companies in electrical engineering, toys and children’s products and FMCG sectors. He has gone on to set up his own International Trade Advisory service which complements the services offered by the Department of International Trade offering a more hands on and in company approach to helping companies grow internationally.

Courses: Understanding and Introduction to Import and Export (including Import and export procedures post transition), Commercial Awareness, Marketing, Purchase and Supply, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution, Tendering and Documentation, Business Culture



Centre for Management and Business Development Limited


Centre for Management and Business Development Limited

These courses are currently being developed for online delivery and will be available soon. Enquire for more information on how CMBD can support your business.

CMBD was established in 2003 to deliver a large SME business support programme. Over the last 16 years the support programme has continually evolved to keep the learning fresh, engaging and relevant.

Our training, which is experiential, focuses on creating awareness and then providing the skills and tools to progress or overcome the challenges businesses face. The experiential training environment also gives participants the opportunity to try out the learning in a safe environment, this serves to both demonstrate and enforce the value of the learning and provide participants with increased confidence to use the learning back in the workplace.

In terms of individual training design, CMBD is a small company that provides a wide range of training solutions through a large pool of specialist independent trainers many of whom are practitioners of their specialist subject in their own practices.

All workshop and programmes have clearly defined learning outcomes which are shared with learners and companies when then enquire about a course, for in-house provision these are almost always altered in some way to accommodate the company’s particular challenges or working practices.

The trainer liaises with the client and agrees both lesson plan and learning outcomes prior to actual training takes place. The use of specialist practitioners as trainers is particularly useful in this regard because clients are not always sure what they need and the trainer is able to offer expert and up to date guidance.

Courses: The International Trade Programme